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Fall 2013



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Football Heroes is an independently-developed, hard-hitting, fast-paced arcade football game for mobile devices, reminiscent of classic sports games like Tecmo Bowl and NBA Jam.


Football Heroes officially started development soon after Run Games was formed, back in May 2011.


  • Arcade football with full control of your team: run, pass, throw, and tackle -- all at the touch of your fingertips.
  • RPG mechanics that reward you with XP every time you do something awesome. Level up and your players abilities will increase.
  • Build the ultimate team by collecting Hero Cards for your roster; Each Hero Card has unique skills and powers; Level each card to maximize their abilities.
  • Deep fighting game system with special moves such as: Spinning Fists, Dragon Punch, Tornado Kick, Rocket Shoes, Lock-On Tackle, Time Bomb, Bullet Pass, Teleport, Proximity Mine, Oil Slick and many more!
  • Build the ultimate football team and battle in Cup Mode or in Multiplayer; Customize your Team Name and City; Upload an image from your phone or tablet for your custom team logo. This will appear in your stadium and on your players' helmets; Customize all of your players' names and numbers.
  • Single-player Cup Mode pits you against increasingly power teams with unique tactics and deadly special moves; Defeat each Cup and claim the coveted Cup Trophy.
  • Multiplayer anywhere: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GameCenter, Online (Coming Soon!)
  • Cross device synching: Play with the same team on your smartphone or tablet


Special Move Showcase YouTube

Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage YouTube



Awards & Recognition

    Football Heroes has not received any awards or recognitions yet. Please check back later to see if things change.

    Selected Articles

      • "...the feel of the game is fantastic. The movement is fluid and easy and the gestures make sense. Hilariously, this over-the-top football game is the best controlling football game we've ever played on iOS."
        - Brad Nicholson, TouchArcade
      • "The nice thing is that games are quick to play, making Football Heroes a natural fit for mobile and tablets."
        - Glenn Wigmore, Operation Sports

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      About Run Games

      Run Games is an independent game development studio located in the Miracle Mile district of Los Angeles. Our mission is to create fun games that are easy to pick up and have tons of replayability.

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      Football Heroes Credits

      Michael A. Marzola
      Creative Director, President

      Nathan Lazur
      Technical Director, President

      Rick Acosts
      Art Director

      Adam Stoddard
      UI Director

      Xavier Dang

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